Surimpression d'automne à la citadelle d'Arras

Restitution of the architecture studio in Mont-Louis

On Sunday 1 March 2020, students from ENSA Paris-Belleville publicly presented in Mont-Louis the results of their work carried out as part of the "Memory, context and creation" architecture studio, organised in partnership with the Vauban Network and the Mont-Louis site.

Following the visit to Mont-Louis which took place from 3 to 6 October 2019, one of the areas of work of which was the reconversion of communal buildings soon to be vacated, the 32 students of Master I and II presented the fruit of their study and reflection to a final jury on 22 January.

Through the different projects that were developed, the students looked at the urban redevelopment of Mont-Louis and its cultural and economic development, taking into account the importance of the near and distant environment.

This presentation allowed the inhabitants of Mont-Louis to discover these architectural projects, thanks to the presence of the students and to a concrete illustration of the projects by models. It thus brought new views on the city of Mont-Louis.

Mont-Louis (Pyrénées-Orientales)

A mountain citadel ready for use

Located in the eastern Pyrenees at an altitude of 1600 metres, the stronghold of Mont-Louis was built from scratch by Vauban on granite terrain and is perfectly adapted to the geography of the site.