L'enceinte de la place forte de Mont-Louis

Online resources

Approximately 90 French and foreign websites useful for the management of fortified heritage have been selected and described.
For a more direct access to the desired resources, the search is carried out by themes, which will unfold in a simple click.

  • European Commission of Culture

    French, English, German
    Institution in charge of the promotion of the culture in Europe.
    En ligne
    programmes and actions of the commission, studies, evaluations, statistics, official documents of the European Union
  • Ministry of culture and communication

    French, English, German, Spanish
    Official ministry site.
    En ligne
    thematic files, studies and statistics, databases, practical guides for culture professionals, directory of cultural actors
  • Observatory of cultural policies

    French, English, Spanish
    Institution tasked with helping and advising local bodies and culture professionals for the development and upgrading of land.
    En ligne
    list of training programmes, resource centre (publications, newsletter of the observatory, selection of links)
  • Unesco – Cultural section

    French, English, Spanish, Arabic
    Section in charge of the protection, management of tangible and intangible heritage, the promotion of cultural diversity worldwide and the holding of cultural conventions.
    En ligne
    publications, standards, databases, interactive map of member states
  • Capadoce

    Database of the documentary network of the directorates of the central government.
    En ligne
    conference proceedings, reports, historical records, legislative texts, maps, academic writing
  • Documentation centre of the Observatory of cultural policies

    Set of documents specialised in the national and international cultural policies. Other themes covered: management of culture, patronage, heritage, cultural profession, etc.
    En ligne
    selective bibliographies, audio-visual documents, synopses, magazine of the Observatory, reports
  • Joconde, collective catalogue of collections of French museum

    Collective catalogue featuring collections from French museum launched by the Ministry of Culture. Themes covered: archaeology, fine arts, history, and decorative arts.
    En ligne
    virtual exhibitions, themed tours by artist or object type, list of participating museums, useful links
  • Europeana, virtual library

    26 langages
    Digital library developed by the European Commission. Resources come from libraries and cultural institutes of 27 member states of the European Union.
    En ligne
    audio-visual documents and printed matter, photographs, list of partners
  • Gallica, digital library

    French, English, Spanish, Portuguese
    Official site of the digital library launched by the National Library of France.
    En ligne
    audio-visual documents, manuscripts, partitions, maps, news of the library
  • National Library of France

    French, English, Spanish
    Organisation tasked with preserving the French documentary heritage. Themes covered: life and social sciences, art and literature, law, history of books, etc.
    En ligne
    catalogues of printed documents, audio-visual and digitised material, educational files, virtual exhibitions, area for library professionals
  • Public library for information

    Public establishment linked to the Pompidou Centre.
    En ligne
    catalogues, history and current details of the library, publications, archives, cultural events, self-learning resources, area for library professionals
  • National archives of Sweden

    English, Swedish
    Portal of the archives of Sweden.
    En ligne
    military archives, databases
  • OCIM, Office for Museographic Cooperation and Information

    French, English, Spanish, German
    Public organisation to serve museums and scientific and technical cultural centres.
    En ligne
    sets of papers and photographs, archives, directory of suppliers and beneficiaries of museums, database of institutions of scientific, technical and industrial culture.
  • Collective catalogue of France

    Localises documentary sets of the National Library of France and the main French libraries: municipal, academic and specialised.
    En ligne
    repertory of libraries and documentation centres, base of heritage, catalogue of university libraries (Sudoc), grant applications
  • The European library

    35 langages
    Repertory of national European libraries.
    En ligne
    descriptive forms of libraries, digitised collections, bibliographic databases

    French, English, Spanish, German
    International association of town planners tasked with encouraging the exchange of good practice between town planners.
    En ligne
    publications, professional events, activities and current details of the network, list of members