Requalification of the parade ground

Town of Briançon - 2010-2011


Redevelopment of the parade ground to enhance a historic part of the town and revitalise an area for day to day use. Reconstruction of the stone walls of the well to Vauban’s original design. Restoration of the parade ground-  demolition – site preparation; repairs – cleaning; access; drainage; concrete structure; masonry- dressed stone; metal and iron-work; electricity.

Construction of the superstructure of the well - masonry – dressed stone; carpentry; roofing; metal and iron-work ; electricity.

Finance plan

Town 20 %

State 20 %

Departmental Council 30%

Regional Council 30%


Positive aspects

Qualitatively: an important historic area in the centre of the old town ofBriançonwas revitalised, to encourage local pride in the area. Indeed, to this end, local inhabitants, and especially children, are already making good use of the square.

Quantitatively: a number of features designed by Vauban were restored, thereby ensuring the sustainability of the site.