History and description

The village of Morvan, Epiry is not a fortified site. Its inclusion in this inventory is based on the fact that it was here, in this village, that Vauban married Jeanne d’Osnay (or d’Aunay), lady Epiry, daughter of Urbaine de Cormier and Claude d’Osnay. He lived there during his first twenty years of marriage, at least when possible for him to do so. Vauban reorganised the tower in which he resided and the church. In 1679, the couple moved to Bazoches.

Current state

The tower where Vauban lived still stands. A plaque was unveiled there in 1809 on the orders of Napoléon I in order to commemorate the fact that Vauban lived there. The church is also still standing today. The latter includes a stainless glass window on the arms of Vauban with an inscription “Sweat saves blood”. While Epiry is of no interest in terms of the study of fortifications, it was integrated in a project involving the networking of the Vauban sites in Morvan with Bazoches and Saint-Léger-Vauban, the two other important places in the life of the engineer in this region.


47° 10' 59.8264" N, 3° 43' 13.6204" E

residence of Vauban
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