Fort de l’Éguille

History and description

The redoubt of Éguille was constructed in 1674, during the war of Holland, to prevent landing on beaches out of range of the fort Fouras. Placed on the spit of the same name, it was a tapered square redoubt, comprising a terraced rampart and equipped with twelve shooting positions. It could only be refurbished under Louis XV. A central building, the function of which is unclear, occupied the centre of the square.

Current state

The ramparts of the redoubt are well preserved but overgrown by vegetation. It is freely open to visitors. The central building has disappeared.

Fort de l’Éguille

Fort de l’Éguille
45° 59' 47.522" N, -1° 6' 26.5405" E

coastal redoubt
Pierre Massiac de Sainte-Colombe, François Ferry
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