History and description

A site fortified since the 12th century, the castle of Fouras was reconstructed during the 14th-15th centuries. The current keep also dates back to this period. In 1689, during the war of Holland, the engineer Francis Ferry modernised the site, under the direction of Vauban, who was not directly involved in the projects. A first rampart was constructed around the former keep, which was redesigned as an armoured tower. For this purpose, the walls were made thicker to support the weight of the artillery set up at the top and the marina signalling station, which was added at the same time. The construction was suspended around 1691. In 1693, a semi-circular artillery battery was constructed on the seaside.
In 1847-1848, the battery was casemated and a siege barracks including two casemated bastions was constructed on the former moats of Ferry, which remained incomplete.

Current state

The set of improvements from the Vauban period remain, as does the medieval keep. The latter now houses a marine museum.


45° 59' 18.128" N, -1° 5' 36.9013" E

castle then fort
François Ferry
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