La citadelle de Blaye

Educational manuel

The educational manual Vauban's Fortifications. Readings from the past, views for the future was winner of the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage - Europa Nostra Competition 2012.

Today, several million people live near a site fortified by Vauban: strongholds, citadels, towers, etc., whose imprint on the landscape is more than monumental. But do we really know who Vauban was? What was the purpose of these fortifications? Why were they built along the borders of France? How can we understand them today?

The educational manual Vauban's Fortifications. Lectures from the past, views for tomorrow, produced by the Vauban Network with the support of the EDF Diversiterre Foundation, attempts to provide answers to all these questions in 9 chapters and 9 educational sheets.

In line with UNESCO's efforts to raise awareness among young people of the values of world heritage, this publication by the Vauban Network, intended for the 3rd cycle of primary and secondary school, adopts a multidisciplinary approach, covering history, geography, history of the arts and civic education as well as algebraic and geometric concepts.

This manual is supplemented by a series of teaching aids to be used in class or on site: large-format photos of the Vauban Network sites, 3D diagram of a bastioned front, poster.

Under the direction of Nicolas Faucherre.
Editorial committee: Alexandra Baudinault, Edith Fagnoni, Nicolas Faucherre, Marie Mongin, Bertrand Pleven, Marieke Steenbergen, Elisabeth Szwarc, Michèle Virol.
Public price: 25 euros.