Surimpression d'automne à la citadelle d'Arras

Exhibition "Vauban, the major sites"

What is the bastioned fortification? Who is Vauban? What is World Heritage? Why are 12 of Vauban's fortifications on the World Heritage List?

In 18 richly illustrated educational panels, this exhibition presents Vauban's work in its various aspects: physical, landscape and architectural. It also allows visitors to discover the 12 major sites inscribed on the World Heritage List, considered to be the most representative of Vauban's work and each illustrating a facet of his genius.

With the help of chronological friezes and maps, this exhibition is a unique opportunity to familiarise oneself with the reforming engineer that Vauban was by tracing the hectic life he led during his 54 years in the service of Louis XIV, and the influence of his architecture throughout the world and the centuries.