La citadelle de Blaye

Goose game

Goose game "Travels with Vauban"

A timeless family game!

Created by La petite boîte on the initiative of and in collaboration with the Vauban Network, this revisited game of the goose invites you to go on a "Journey with Vauban".

As the game progresses, players discover Vauban's fortifications, meet the characters who worked with him, accompany Vauban on his journey through the Kingdom of France and may even, if they are lucky, become his "assistants"!

The game includes :
A 100% illustrated game board to discover Vauban, the people he met, the sites he built, the techniques he used...
A 12-page booklet presenting the rules of the game and providing documentary information on the events, characters and places mentioned in the game.

Game rules in French and English
Price: 14,90 euros
For 2 to 6 players
Family game
On sale in the shops of the major Vauban sites