La Citadelle d'Arras

DUMONT Robert (Colonel)
La Citadelle d'Arras "Belle et Utile"

The king wanted it, Vauban built it! Surrounded by fortifications, the citadel consists of classical buildings and the oldest chapel in Arras. Both men and events, some tragic as the “mur des Fusillés” reminds us, have made their mark on the site which is inscribed on the World Heritage List. Since 2008, the Urban Community of Arras has been striving to make it a distinct neighbourhood of the town, surrounded by water and greenery, open onto the rest of the city. This book relates the history of the Citadel, from its foundation to the present day.

Arras: Communauté urbaine - 2013
- , 1vol. (24p.): couv ill en coul, ill en coul et en noir et blanc, cartes, plans
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