Septentrion, villes fortes entre merd du Nord et Meuse

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Septentrion, villes fortes entre merd du Nord et Meuse

The territory of plains that stretches from the North Sea to the Meuse brings together the densest and most diverse collection of fortified towns in Europe. These towns are still surrounded by their ramparts, and in addition to their tourist and heritage interest, can be held up today as a ground of experiment on contemporary urban development. Nineteen fortified towns in the north of France, in Belgium and in the south of the Netherlands, and three non-profit organisations grouped around the Nord department, appointed as the lead partner, carried out joint actions within the framework of a European cooperation programme, Septentrion, with the aim of examining the urban footprint and development of the territories in respect of heritage and the environment. This contributed book is for all those who are interested in the interactions between culture, heritage and territory and in contemporary urban trends.

Paris: Somogy; Lille: Septentrion - 2007
- , 1vol (256p.):couv ill en coul, ill en coul
Biblio p.245-247
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