Vauban, militaire et économiste sous Louis XIV. Vauban et Marsal à l'époque de Louis XIV : le sel, la fiscalité et la guerre. Tome I

SALZMANN Jean-Pierre

Contributions on the strategic site of the Lorraine under Louis XIV and its integration into France via the study of the defence system used in the stronghold of Marsal and the financing of French troops in Lorraine. Other interventions focus on the fiscal issue and the use of salt, the economic situation and taxation in Vauban’s era as well as the economic ideas of the engineer.

Luxembourg : Section Historique de l'Institut Grand-Ducal - 2008
Publications de la Section Historique de l'Institut Grand Ducal de Luxembourg ; n°122
- , 1 vol. (422 p.) : ill.
Records of meetings organised in Marsal, on 23 and 24 June by the Lorraine Commission of Military History. Bibliogr.
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