Vauban’s influence throughout the world

VIROL Michèle, BRAGARD Philippe, FAUCHERRE Nicoals (dir.)
L'influence de Vauban dans le monde

We can find bastioned fortifications all over the world, built up to the 19th century, that were supposedly influenced by those Vauban designed along France’s borders. But Vauban himself always refused to theorize on his empiric practice - except for his method of relentless attack, which he codified for three centuries. Indeed, a close look of those fortifications indicates that their lineage with Vauban is generally not obvious, the culture of warfare in Europe of the Enlightenment being a shard culture.

We may thus wonder what models and paths of influence exist: The shapes and geometric outlines? The fact that engineers trained in the Vauban school - or simply the French school -had scattered around the world? The circulation of treaties, or even diplomatic relations?

By publishing the proceedings of this international Study Day, the Vauban Network contributes to this international scientific debate, so as to suggest some responses and thereby hold out its hand to the world’s fortresses.

They contributed to this book: Michèle Virol, Nicolas Faucherre, Philippe Bragard, Alain Monferrand, Nicolaï Kopanev, Francisco Munoz Espejo, Pierre Cloutier, Philippe Prost, Victoria Sanger, Gilles-Antoine Langlois, Stephen Spiteri, Hermann Bonnici, Bernard Cros, Daria Shemelina, and Tsutomu Takashima.

Les amis de la citadelle de Namur - 2014
Les cahiers du Réseau Vauban
- , 1 vol. (178p.): couv ill en coul. Ill en couleurs, cartes, plans
This book is the third one of a collection published by the Network of Vauban major sites. It collects the contributions and debates of the international Study Day on Vauban’s influence throughout the
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