Corporate events and sponsorship: successful partnerships in an exceptional setting

The Citadel World heritage public body (EPC-PM) -


  • Number of inhabitants: 121 038 (INSEE census 2011)
  • Area of the citadel: 11.2 ha
  • Administrator subscribed: Citadel World heritage public body
  • Number of agents: around 80 permanent and 50 temporary
  • Number of visitors in 2013: 268,427; of which 60% are regional and 10% are foreign
  • Annual budget: 5.3M€

A site open to all
Purchased by the town of Besançon in 1959, the citadel opened its doors to the public the same year. Gradually, the Natural History Museum (1959), the Comtois museum (1960) and the Museum of Resistance and Deportation (1971) were installed.
The large numbers of visitors come mainly in families. The historic setting, zoological gardens and the cultural facilities on offer are the main attractions for visitors. Since 2011, the Citadel World heritage public body (EPC-PM) has been responsible for welcoming visitors, promoting and managing the site.

Sponsorship and corporate events
The EPC-PM has a targeted policy for seeking sponsorship for specific campaigns such as, for example, holding large exhibitions. The citadel offers sponsoring businesses in return the option of organising corporate events within the regulations set out by the legislation (the value given cannot exceed 25% of the value of the sponsorship).
The recent creation of the “Citadel sponsorship circle” is made up of local and national companies, all proud to contribute to improving the jewel in Besançon’s crown, offering them the privilege of being invited to inaugurations and exhibitions, to summer evening events and being regularly informed of the site’s news. Some superb spaces are available to rent for cocktails, gala dinners, seminars or meetings. In addition to this, various events can also be held, such as visits to the site accompanied by guides, lecturers or even actors.


Positive aspects

De 2011 à 2013, le soutien des entreprises mécènes de la Citadelle s’élève à 700 439 €, le chiffre d’affaires concernant l’organisation de manifestations réceptives est d’environ 127 670 €. Les missions de mécénat et de réceptif nécessitent deux personnes à temps plein.

La conciliation des objectifs commerciaux et culturels du site nécessite une planification rigoureuse et, comme le démontre l’aménagement de la chapelle, des aménagements multifonctions astucieux.