Interpretation path

Guillestrois County -


This project follows a study on the improvement of access to the stronghold site. It must allow improved site access sustainably (bicycle and pedestrian). The purpose is to reclassify an existing community path and introduce visitors to the first elements of interpretation of cultural and natural heritage.

 Project objectives

  • Develop an integrated approach for access to the site of Mont-Dauphin, to create an alternative physical link for cars between the site and the surrounding communities
  • Improve the legibility of the access to the stronghold and the additional links
  • Promote the historical and natural heritage via sustainable development, by reinforcing the role of approaches, which constitutes an initial lecture of the site and of the natural heritage of the Guillestrois (interpretation)
  • Requalification in terms of landscape of the base of the monument (Natura 2000  site Durance steppe, border of a registered site – rock – and in the vicinity of a classified site)
  • Improve the management of the site (in particular to control the flow)
  • Reinforce the legibility and quality of the path
  • Empower visitors (squirrels and natural site)

Target public

Walkers, family audience, those using the path.

Proposal for requalification

The study of framework for the improvement of access as well as an in-house work at the heart of the local development hub of the Community of municipalities culminated in a proposal in three sectors identified as follows and inter-connected (see plan in annexe):

Sector P: path of pedestrian interpretation in a loop around the stronghold (access link towards Guillestre via St Guillaume). This path mainly uses the current route.

Sector V: green lane (for both cyclists/pedestrians) (access link towards station SNCF). This route allows the community path to be linked to the SNCF station.

Sector M: Family loop of marmots with upgraded observation sites (in charge: commune of Eygliers). The current route goes through the site of marmots. Significant upgrading of the path is required to direct significant flows of visitors’ traffic.

Finance plan

Currently a study of requalification of the path is underway. Its cost has risen to €30,000 and includes a pre-operational study and assistance with overseeing future work during future redevelopment operations. These moves are planned for spring 2011.