Longwy, conservation and landscaping measures

Town of Longwy - 2009-2012


A woodland management plan enhances fortified heritage and leads to its long-term viability; equally it preserves and enhances woodland slopes, whilst ensuring a number of objectives, namely :

  • that the ramparts can be seen from the valley,
  • that the Valley can be seen from the ramparts.

To this end, the choice was made to open up cone-shaped vistas at strategic locations.

Annual conservation measures:

  • clearing vegetation from the walls of the ramparts and repointing by area.
  • 2009 – A survey of Safety and recommending means of controlling vegetation on the fortifications. 

Landscaping measures:

  • 2009 – A Study by thePhilippe ProstArchitecture Practice: “Plantlife and the environment”.
  • 2009 - 2012 implementation


Positive aspects

Positive results - clearing the walls annually helps control vegetation throughout the fortified enceinte.

Work carried out following the safety assessment helped to strengthen the protection of the works and also ensure visitor safety.

Enhancement following the study byPhilippe Prostmade the site and its surroundings more attractive, thus rekindling interest and restoring the importance of the fortifications.