Resource centre for the management of fortified heritage

The Network of Major Vauban Sites - 7 July 2007 to May 2012


To make information and useful references accessible for anyone interested in the management, co-ordination, or development of fortified heritage. Through this project, the Vauban network aim to become a true national and international reference in the matter following a recommendation made by the Committee of World Heritage who wished that "exchanges in the management of the fortifications of Vauban were strengthened ". A virtual platform was preferred to a physical resource centre in order to provide more accessible content.

The first version-was put on line on 7 July, 2010.  The preparatory phase took about one year, followed by several corrections and supplementary work:

  • additional features (including search engines and access management)
  • The English version was put on line in late May 2012.

The resource centre for the management of fortified heritage allows anyone interested in this topic to find documents, references and experiences that may be useful to their activity. An online database allows you to download studies, specifications, project documents and  management plans The platform for pooling experiences gives you the opportunity to review good practices elsewhere and enhance your own experience by proposing a project for publication. Finally, professionals can promote their activities and skills by enrolling in the online directory.


Negative aspects

Both positive and negative points. Administration of the website takes a lot of time and effort. The contents are always changing and thus require constant attention. The collaborative features (such as the platform for pooling experiences and the directory) are not particularly dynamic and without incentive measures they do not evolve much. The targeted audience, English- speaking in particular, is not yet sufficiently aware of the existence of the tool.