In search of the heritage of the Guillestrois

Guillestrois County - 2 years


Creation of circuits allowing the discovery of the heritage of the Guillestrois from the symbolic site of Mont-Dauphin.

The targeted objective is "the integration" of the stronghold within its area by linking present heritages and also its registration within a cross-border cultural network with reference made to transalpine sites.

The tools used to promote the chosen sites are:

  • Information signs on-site (a series of 5 to 10 signs per community and a circuit of thematic community discovery around the key site of Mont-Dauphin, making it clear how the site can be integrated into the land).
  • Brochures distributed free of charge

Efforts to network the highlighted heritage sites in the area of Guillestrois must allow:

  • The creation of a heritage tourism package covering the whole area and highlighting the appeal of the key site of Mont-Dauphin, included on the UNESCO World Heritage List as well as that of the cross-border cultural network.
  • Touristic diversification
  • A reinforcement of the cross-border cultural network package

Provisional content:

  • Texts and explanatory illustrations presenting the heritage site. Two levels of reading are proposed for each site. The main text and illustrations are intended for the general public and additional information is provided in the form of inserts for those wishing to know more.
  • The signs must be accessible to the largest possible number (position of signs, choice of policy and specially adapted texts, translation into English and Italian).
  • Reference to the cross-border cultural network, to partners
  • Reference to the existence of circuits throughout the territory.
  • Each sign must encourage the public to get hold of the related discovery brochure.

The sites to be boosted shall be selected in consultation with the communities and local associations.

Finance plan

Provisional project estimate: €100,000 excl. tax

Funding of 80% from European funds as part of the "PIT of theUpperValleys".

Project launched on 1 October, 2010