Virtual Visit to the Verrou de l’Estuaire

The canton of Blaye County - 2010-2011


This project involving a virtual visit of the Verrou de l’Estuaire aims at promoting an inscribed site on the List of World Heritage, alongside 11 other fortifications of Vauban.

This visit, although virtual, will also be an invitation to discover the other sites in situ, except the fort Pâté, which has remained inaccessible (no landing stage on the isle).

The project of the Community of municipalities of the canton of Blaye is based on the principle of the virtual visit developed by the château de Tayac (cf. link opposite).

The 11 panoramic views are presented on the first page of the site and indicate the place of the shooting point.

A directional control pad at the centre of the screen allows the user to navigate at will in the area with the chance to also zoom in on desired architectural details.

A cartridge on the top right offers a total of 16 views, and simply by "clicking", the user can switch from one to another.

The project of the canton of Blaye County  includes, on the right of the page, a cartridge presenting a historical summary which takes the user back (via a hypertext link) to one of the pages of the site dedicated to the Verrou and more detailed information on the history of the place (translated into English). An audio accompaniment will also be provided for each photo.

Finance plan


EXPENSES including tax

EXPENSES excluding tax



Viewpoints /assembly:



Foundation EDF 33.4%


 - 3 panoramic views on Blaye (interior)

C.C.B 20 %


 - 2 panoramic views of the Fort Pâté (interior)

 - 2 panoramic views on Cussac (interior)

LEADER 23.3 %


 - 4 panoramic aerial views

Creation of website



Boat location (shooting pointFortPâté)



Purchase of flat screens (USB port)



Regional council (23.3%)