History and description

Castle founded by the Castellux family in the 12th century, Bazoches was expanded in 1480 by the construction of a rectangular residential tower completed by Antoine de Follet, adviser and Chamberlain of Louis XI, who purchased the territory in 1475. Victim in 1569 to the cavalry of Wolfgang des Deux-Ponts, it was acquired for the first time by Vauban’s ancestors in 1591, following the marriage of Jacques Le Preste, Lord of Vauban and Butler of Coligny. The castle was renovated around 1630, by Ludovic de Viesvres and Louise de La Perrière: the quadrangle and three machicolation towers date from this period.
Bazoches was acquired by Vauban in 1679, following six years of dealings. Vauban remodelled the north and south wings by creating four stairwells ramp on ramp. To the north-east, he added a further machicolation tower. The Bazoches site is not a war ground, but was still included in the current inventory due to its importance in Vauban’s life. For it was here that he spent most of the last thirty years of his life at work. This was the spot where he actually oversaw a real architectural and engineering office. He was also the backer for the reorganization of the parish church, the Saint-Sébastien chapel of which contained his family grave.
The site underwent significant restoration under the July Monarchy, namely between 1830 and 1832. The Parisian architects Chatelain and Lavenain reorganised the layout of the rooms and refurbished the castle, which had been emptied during the Revolution. The pond of the farmyard was also dug out at this time (nicknamed the footbath). Six years later, Bazoches returned to the family of Vauban when Fernand de Vibraye, owner of the site, married Henriette Le Peletier d’Aunay, a descendant of Vauban. Vandalised in 1945 by the French Forces of the Interior who looted and pillaged, notably suits of armour, Bazoches was progressively given a historical monument classification from 1960.

Current state

Restored by its current owners in 1997, descendants of the eldest daughter of Vauban, the site is open to visitors. A museum also presents the life and works of Vauban.


47° 22' 37.1507" N, 3° 47' 1.7369" E

residential castle
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