Vauban [images animées] : le vagabond du roi

TREFOÜEL Jacques, HENARD Daniel, DONNADIEU Bernard-Pierre
Vauban [images animées] : le vagabond du roi

This film documentary attempts to show Vauban, poised and ready to research the well-being of his fellow man. Via the Oisivetés (“idle thoughts”), which constitutes the common thread of this DVD, the narrator presents a Vauban preoccupied with the ills suffered by those inFrance under Louis XIV and deals with all subjects, invents statistics and proposes the revolutionary Royal Dime tax.

Saint Bonnot: Les films du lieu-dit - 2006
- , 1 DVD (2h15 min) : couleur, son
Discussion with Joël Cornette, Michèle Virol and Nicolas Faucherre
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