Achievement of a manipulable educational model of the Vauban tower

Town of Camaret-sur-Mer - February 2009 - September 2010


This project involving an educational model of the tour Vauban is put forward by the Town of Camaret-sur-Mer, manager of the site. It came into being based on the willingness of the commune to develop and diversify its touristic and cultural proposals and among other things, to raise the awareness of the "laypeople" public and young people. In line with this objective, the commune made contact in early 2009 with the Maquarthis workshop inRennes, specialised in the modelling of historical architecture, with the wish to create a model that could be dismantled and manipulated by the young public.

Vincent Hubert, model maker, intended to create a model that would be realistic using light and manipulable materials (resins and composites). For this model, large groups of buildings (battery, guardroom, tower, cannon ball furnace) would be individually separable and manipulable. All these elements would be assembled like a 3D puzzle and would remain in place thanks to neodymium magnets.

Project scale: 1/33, namely 30.3mm for 1m. At this scale, the model fits onto a sheet measuring 150cm x 150cm. The tower grows to 70cm + the thickness of the land to around 10cm = 80cm.

Finance plan

EDF Diversiterre Foundation

10 050 €

Town of Camaret-sur-Mer

10 050€


20 100 € TTC


Positive aspects

Expected positive outcome: increased visitors to the tour Vauban, notably by younger people and those in the academic field and enhanced loyalty among this public.