Géofort (the Netherlands) : Identity serving the project

Staatsbosbeheer Géofort - 2005


  • Construction period: 1876-1880
  • Surface area: 3,5 ha
  • Legal status: association
  • Ownership status: Staatsbosheer
  • Duration of rental contract: 30 ans
  • Number of visitors in 2013: 35 000
  • Opening hours: weekends and during school holidays from 10: 00 am to 5: 00 pm, on reservation for groups (corporate, schools)
  • Staff: 3,6 ETP

The geo-experience
At Geofort, visitors are invited to sample the “geo-experience”: Various intelligent and interactive modules invite the visitor to discover, both inside and out, varied aspects of cartography and navigation in a fun way. Created by two passionate people, Geofort has gained recognition within just a few years from professionals, families and schools. After a first tenancy agreement for five years, this was renegotiated for a period of 30 years.

Targeted support
Geofort offers a large number of modules for each age range designed for schoolchildren from 8 to 15 years old. The pupils attend for a half day and complete two or four modules each 45 minutes long. The “Geo Academy” has also been set up here. This institute offers short professional training courses and seminars designed for professionals, teaching them how to work with computerised geographical information. Geofort acts as a pivot between the general public, educational institutions and the various academic and economic actors in geographical disciplines. This is how the directors of Geofort successfully secure corporate sponsorship as well as support from various public institutions. This financial backing includes land registry services, agencies for research and development, land surveyors and engineers, producers of geographical measurement tools, as well as universities and video games designers.

Finance plan
  • Price per person: 8,50€
  • Price per pupil per day: 12€
  • Annual budget: 1 M€


Positive aspects

Due to the originality of the concept and the continued development of the offer, Geofort can be distinguished from other forts in the New Dutch Waterline. The project is implemented in phases according to financial opportunities, which presents the advantage of being able to communicate regularly on new events (one new exhibition per year). The possibility of renting different spaces for professional or family events optimises its performance. A large section of the public return regularly. The long term objective is to welcome 100,000 visitors per year.