Historical and cultural garden

Town of Mont-Dauphin - Programm 2012-2013


The stronghold of Mont-Dauphin, together with 11 other sites, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since July 7, 2008, for the fortifications of Vauban and as such, has a commitment to preserving and enhancing its heritage including developing a local cultural project. The Mont Dauphin cultural project has the theme of ‘food and supply in a mountain stronghold’.

The project currently underway is the creation of a historical and cultural garden:

  1. The preservation and cultivation of "Hautes-Alpes" plants and ancient varieties of cereals and pulses (research into diet  in the Hautes-Alpes during the 17th and 18th centuries );
  2. Economic development of the stronghold including baking a ‘Vauban’ loaf of bread,  opening a visitor centre  all year round with cultural events and activities, and setting up a money-making venture  in the future namely a kitchen for preparing produce from the garden.
  3. Support for the creation of closed loop economy based on cultivating ancient varieties (more varieties of seeds in the garden, teaching local farmers , preparing produce and selling it at the stronghold).

Measures carried out:

  • research into diet
  • a study for the design and development of the garden
  • construction of the garden at the former Rectory (terrassing, cutting down trees, etc.)
  • hiring a full-time horticulturist
  • refurbishment of part of the former Campana barracks (accommodation, workshop, soldier’s room and cultural visitor’s  centre)
  • test of recultivating an ancient variety of rye from the Queyras and making it into bread
Finance plan

Investment: 47 581 € HT

  • FEDER : 19 032 €
  • Région PACA : 19 032 €
  • Self-financing: 9 517 €

Functioning : 136 308 € TTC

  • FEDER : 68 154 €
  • Région PACA : 38 046 €
  • Self-financing: 30 108 €


Positive aspects

Autumn 2013

Negative aspects

Autumn 2013