Longwy, collaborating with social housing authorities

Longwy Town council - 2009-2023


2009 - Phillipe Prost Study

2012 - guideline plan

2012 - archaeological survey

2013 -2023 –work carried out

Voltaire, the district to the east of Longwy, is built on the remains of two ravelins and a bastion. It is difficult today to guess the outline of the fortifications because of damage and destruction from the First World War and the reconstructions of the 1960s. However, there is no doubt that a good part of these fortifications remain beneath the blocks of flats. The architect,Philippe Prost, has put forward a proposal to redesign the stronghold of Longwy through landscaping and urban development thus restoring its identity. It also aims to improve the quality of this district, to create an authentic urban environment and to refurbish the areas that have been left to abandon.

The objectives to redevelop social housing, to encourage mixed use in the town centre, to enhance the fortified heritage and to mitigate social divide all converge through the implementation of this initiative which consists in a common definition of demolition and reconstruction policies between the town and the social landlords.

Through the choice of the location and orientation of the new constructions, the original outline of the ramparts will once again become legible in the urban fabric.


Positive aspects

Positive results; the local inhabitants were clearly very interested in the project. They are devoted to their home neighbourhood and will now also learn about the history that links them to Vauban’s fortifications.