The Marie-Thérèse redoubt at Avrieux (Barrière de l’Esseillon)

Town of Avrieux -


The objective of this interpretation centre is to render the history of the art of fortifications more accessible, and to relate its adaptation to the mountains and the history of  Alpine fortifications in its European dimension. You approach the Redoubt via an interpretation course, an outdoor journey of discovery. This educational and entertaining journey leads the visitor into the fort, and provides a comprehensive vision of the site of the Barrière de l’Esseillon and its history. Inside the Redoubt, a permanent museum with exhibits in both French and Italian has been installed, using different tools such as models, audio and video devices, interpretation panels,  and touch terminals. A number of activities and facilities are also available such as guided visits, temporary exhibitions, lectures, educational workshops, a book shop,and snack bar.


Positive aspects

This is a most successful example of a fortified site interpretation centre, taking into consideration the constraints linked to the development of Historical Monuments. There is an interesting link between an outdoor discovery trail and a museum inside the Redoubt. The setting is attractive for tourists with sports activities nearby (via ferrata) thus ensuring a significant number of potential visitors. A debate took place about the siting of the visitor centre for the interpretation centre. The project manager wanted to  create a centre to be shared with the sports activities. However, this option was refused by the commune and  the visitor centre was installed at the entrance to the Redoubt. Therefore, the problem arising today is that the visitors to the interpretation centre and people who come for the  sports activities are completely separate.