Restoration of the ravelin bridge at the France gate, Longwy

Town of Longwy - 2007 - chief architect’s report / 2008 - commencement of work / 2011 - completion of work


Reconstruction of the fixed bridge; restoration of the drawbridge, the mechanism, the gate and the vaulted passageway.

Currently, there is no reason for the drawbridge to be raised. However, it is important that all parts of the mechanism are kept in good working order both to preserve historic knowledge and in case this situation should change in the future. By understanding how the drawbridge works, it can be released and raised again when desired.

The drawbridge was raised by pulling on chains attached to the back of the counterweight framework. During the manoeuvre, the men had to work around the bascule and push it up until it was vertical. As the drawbridge could move when vehicles passed over it, a locking system composed of an  iron bracket was added and is still in place today. As this type of  system was not reliable,  a fixed plank was placed over the bascule which  allowed vehicles to cross in safety.


Positive aspects

Le pont-levis a été mis en fonction et fort apprécié du public connaisseur ou non, montrant un intérêt au fonctionnement de levée du pont-levis de plusieurs tonnes.