Les remparts de Villefranche-de-Conflent vus depuis le fort Libéria
Fortifications of Vauban


A functional masterpiece

Located at the hollow of the deep Têt valley, the "petite villotte" (small town) was dominated on all sides. The medieval walls which stretch along the river were altered by Vauban in 1679.

The entire construction was revised by the engineer to ensure a better defence, and is made up of 3 different structures which mutually cover each other.

The town wall with its medieval towers was strengthened at the weak points and entirely crowned with a roof made from thick flagstones to protect it from enemy fire. The lower front was reinforced by a casemated grotto, the Cova Bastera, connected to the village by an underground stairway. Finally, in 1681, on the only high ground that the attacker could place cannons, Vauban built a fort, Fort Liberia, planned to hold a garrison of 96 soldiers.

Both in the quality of the building materials used and the adaptation to the existing buildings and to the terrain, the city of Villefranche-de-Conflent is a veritable masterpiece of fortification, still remarkably well-preserved today.

Inscribed Property
the enclosure, the Fort Liberia and the Cova Bastera
Outstanding Universal Value
advanced fort and adaptation of a medieval mountain wall
Date of construction
between 1669 and 1681
between 1427 and 2021 ft
GPS coordinates
42.586645, 2.365359
  • Le fort Libéria
    The Fort Liberia
  • Les remparts de Villefranche-de-Conflent
    The ramparts of Villefranche-de-Conflent
  • Le fort Libéria
    The Fort Liberia
  • Le site de Villefranche de Conflent, avec les remparts au premier plan et le fort Libéria au second plan
    The site of Villefranche de Conflent, with the ramparts in the foreground and Fort Liberia in the background

Journées européennes du patrimoine

Les 16 & 17 septembre 2023, les douze fortifications de Vauban inscrites sur la Liste du patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO vous proposent de nombreux événements. Découvrez-les vite !

Tourist information

The city of Villefranche is freely accessible all year round.
The ramparts are accessible every day from February to December, entrance fee payable.
Fort Liberia is open all year round, with an entrance fee.

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Remparts de Villefranche-de-Conflent
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The Fort Libéria
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